Ultrasonic Sensor Distance Measuring Module
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Ultrasonic Distance Measuring Module

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Product Description

This module operates at a working voltage of 5V(DC), and low current is less than 2mA. The output signal is  TTL 5V .
The sensor angle has a max of 15° and a detection distance of between 2cm – 400cm. It is precise up to 3mm.

This module is triggered by applying pulses of at least 10us to the trigger pin.

The module sends eight 40Khz square wave pulses and automatically detects whether it receives the returning signal. If there is a signal returning,  a high level pulse is sent on the echo pin. The length of this pulse is the time it took the signal from first triggering to the return echo.

The connection is VCC / trig(T) / echo(R) / GND




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