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Programmable Digital Messaging Display

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Product Description

This is an 8 x 32 LED matrix display. It uses the HT1632C controller IC and an Atmel ATMega8 microcontroller clocked at 8 MHz. It provides a TTL serial interface. Simple commands make connecting to things such as a PC or Arduino easy. It displays in red and comes with the installation screw pack.

This is a programmable unit and offers a diverse range of functionality making it capable of displaying messages, images and simple animation.

 Main Features incude:

  • Simple text based commands
  • Left, Right, Up and Down shifting
  • Shifting in -  from the edges towards centre
  • Shifting out -  from centre towards the edges
  • Fill, Empty and Invert screen effects
  • Flashing by inversion
  • Flashing
  • Display Twinkle
  • Delays and speed controls
  • Brightness control
  • Plotting Dots and Drawing lines
  • Nested Repeat loops
  • Custom fonts
  • Transferring text and fonts to eeprom.  Data not lost when power off
  • Endless buffer mode. Live feed from sending device with buffering
  • Live mode. Allows live feed from sending device without buffering
  • Live mode also has a frame by frame display.
  • Stores 400 bytes of data.

Note the serial interface is at 5v TTL levels. This makes it simple to connect it to microcontrollers, Arduinos etc. To connect to a PC you will need a level convertor such as: Foca v2.1 FT232RL Tiny Breakout or PL2303 USB To TTL Module.

Demo videos
Text demo
Graphics demo
Nested repeat demo

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