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MotoMama L298N H-Bridge Motor Driver with Xbee interface

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Product Description

MotoMama is an Arduino shield based on the L298N H-bridge driver chip.

You can use this shield to drive two DC motors or a four-wire two-phase stepper motor.  The power terminal on the board should be connected directly to a power supply that is capable of driving your motor. It is good practice to try separate you motor power supply as much as possible from your Arduino’s power supply. You can use separate power supplies if you need to but you must connect the 0v(gnd) signals from each supply to each other. This should be done with separate wires and as close to the supply as possible.

In many motor and robot projects, you need to use the wireless communication, so this board comes with an Xbee style socket. Now you can directly put a XBee (or other XBee pin compatible modules, like BTBee) on board.

The remaining pins which are not used for the LN298 and wireless board can be accessed for your own use. They are all the AD pins of Arduino, so you can use these pins as sensor inputs or outputs.

This design can be used as the motherboard of many small motor or robot projects, because it has enough resources for wireless communication, sensor data acquisition  and some simple control, so we named it “MotoMama” : ) , not Motorola.

Apart from use as an Arduino shield it can aslso be used as a driver platform The pins were left un-asemebled to allow flexibilty for many applications.

This product will come with:

  • MotoMama assembled board x1
  • 2.54 40PIN Male Header x2
  • 2.54 8PIN Female Header x2
  • 2.54 6PIN Female Header x2
  • Arduino stackable header kit x1


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