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MIDI Shield (Arduino Compatible)

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Product Description

The MIDI Shield board gives your Arduino access to the powerful MIDI communication protocol so you can control synthesizers, sequencers, and other musical devices. The MIDI protocol shares many similarities with standard asynchronous serial interfaces, so you can use the UART pins of your Arduino to send and receive MIDI’s event messages.

The MIDI Shield provides an opto-isolated MIDI-IN port as well as a MIDI-OUT port. The MIDI Shield can be mounted directly on top of an Arduino, connecting the MIDI-IN to the Arduino’s hardware RX pin and the MIDI-OUT to TX. Potentiometers are connected to analogue pins 0 and 1, and can be used to control volume, pitch, tone or anything else you’d like. Also connected on the shield are three momentary push buttons (connected to D2-4), a reset button and green and red status LEDs. The RUN/PROG switch allows you to program the Arduino over serial without having to remove the shield.

Pin usage: 3 digital pins(D2-4) and 2 analogue pins(A0-1)
Interface:  TTL(TX/RX)
Size: 2.33x 2.10x 1.18″(60x 53.5x 30mm)

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